Home Play (It’s NOT work!)

Hi Peaksters!  This “starting” page is to get us going on Week 1 of “Home Play”  – Where once a week I will post new content to “refresh” your relationship or if you are not in a relationship now – help you develop a great (and Biblical) mindset for future success – regardless of your past success or failures.  Have fun and give me ALL the feedback you can to make this a great site – Mike

date your mate

Week 1 – Developing a “growth” mindset.

Before we get into the “play” together we need to get into the right mindset for growth.

The “RIGHT” mindset is personal growth NOT changing your partner.

Get out a sheet of paper and write 3 goals to improve yourself over the next 4 months.  If you think of more than 3 – try to choose the 3 most important goals.


1- I will always kiss my spouse goodbye and tell them I love them before I leave the house.

2 – I will buy my wife flowers once a month on our anniversary (and set an alarm on my phone to remember.)

3 – I will have sex (or be sexual) with my spouse every Saturday morning for the next 4 months.

4 – I will go out on a date every Friday night the next 4 months.

5 – I will not get angry when my partner forgets to pay a bill or other financial responsibility.  I will chose other positive emotions instead.

*Remember goals should be “SMART” – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely AND these goals should also be about YOU not veiled changes you want from your partner –

Now for the “PLAY” part for this week.

1 – READ them to yourself EVERYDAY

2 – Before next Sunday – spend 5 – 10 minutes telling your partner what your goals are.

3 – PARTNERS – NO NEGATIVE FEEDBACK (including helping them change them) – only encouragement!  Be joyful as you share even if you don’t like their goals or think they are not helpful or maybe even painful.

4 – Write them out on Index cards 3x.  Place one in your bathroom, one in your car, and one where you work the most (office, kitchen, etc.)

5 – Commit to read EACH card to yourself EVERYDAY for the next 4 months. (Let’s say till Dec. 31)

Way to go!  I will get a discussion board up ASAP for you to share your experiences with each other and get my feedback later this week.