Dr. Mike Hattabaugh Speaking Promo

Hi Everyone, want to start sharing my AWESOME speaking promo Luke Hawthorn did for me.  If you know ANYONE looking for a keynote speaker, please send them the link to this video and my speaking page.  I love sharing an encouraging, motivational message with groups who want to connect with people and improve business and personal relationships!

Plan Your Life Together! Video #4

Do more of life WITH your partner!

Guys make the mistake of planning their life seperate from their partner. Dr. Hattabaugh encourages you to plan your life together.  If you think about what kind of partner can DO life with you, you will be much happier with your results!

Plan your life TOGETHER!

Ladies, help a guy out and send him to this video.  You will improve his life!


Dr. Mike

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plan your life together

Ron Price: The Ultimate Date Night

ultimate_date_night_fccm.jpgRon Price, Four Corners Coalition for Marriage and Family, discusses the Ultimate Date Night, Feb. 19, 2016 with guests Kim & Krickett Carpenter.  The couple wrote the best-selling book “The Vow” which inspired the movie of the same name.  Price discusses the importance of vows in any relationship and why many modern marriages need to remember the values evident in the Carpenter’s love story. (Ron Price photo courtesy: The Daily Times)