How to Get Your Man Reading Relationship Articles

How to Get Your Man Reading Relationship Articles

It’s easy!  Make it about cars!

Want to know how to get a man to learn how to treat a woman?  Make it about how treating a woman is a lot like taking care of a car.  It needs maintenance to keep it functioning at it’s very best.  When you take care of a car, you make it look better and last longer.  Relationships need constant upkeep and attention.  So, get your man reading relationship articles – start with this one!

Get Your Man Reading Relationship Articles

Here is my article I wrote for the Farmington Daily Times on how men need to think about their wives the same way they think about car maintenance.  Let me know what you think!

Click the link to get the full article, then come back and tell me what you think:



Desperate for Desire: Why you crave it

and the right way to use it.

Desperate for Desire

We are desperate for desire. To ignite passion and purpose.  To fully exist in a life with meaning.

Desperate for Desire

Some pursue it to the detriment of their health and relationships.  With reckless abandon, they choose desire over security.  They live firecracker lives with a short fuse and a loud bang.  Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.  Many public personalities pursue this form of desire.

Others try to muffle desire with morality and judgment.  It’s not surprising that moralists tend to publically fail from the very social “ills” they condemn.   Preachers who preach one thing as an “abomination”, then get caught doing the very thing they say is despicable.  Politicians who challenge us to live one way, while they seemingly ignore their own excess.

Most of us, and I think (and hope) I’m in this category, live what feels like a bi-polar life, chasing desire, then pushing it away when it gets too uncomfortable.  There is always this tension of living life to it’s fullest, but being liked by others.  Of being the “good girl” when your heart senses there is more to life.  This article is for you.

I want to talk to average people who try to live a good life, but seem to struggle with an inside “passion” for more.  I want you to hear something very clearly:

That voice is NOT bad. 


3 Fun Tips to Add Excitement to Your Relationship

3 Fun Tips to Add Excitement to Your Relationship

Relationships grow stale as we seek to become more secure and stable.  The excitement we had when we began becomes secondary to the daily routine relationships fall into.  I am specifically talking to long term married couples in this post, but any relationship that is losing the “fun” part can benefit from these 3 fun tips to add excitement to your relationship.

Fun Tips to Add Excitement to Your Relationship

The longer you have been together, the more likely you are thinking your relationship is going stale.  The number one reason I have heard in counseling over the years for stress in long-term relationships is the couple loses track of how to have fun like they did when they started dating.  The most common reason for an affair is one partner trying to create the excitement a new relationship creates.  Don’t have an affair, instead, try these 3 tips. (more…)

Avoid Looking Like a Fool in Your Relationship

How to Avoid Looking Like a Fool in Your Relationship

It’s the end of the week, and you are so looking forward to a weekend with your partner.  You have imagined all week about your time with them.  You meet them to begin your time together, and……. fast forward:

avoid looking like a fool in your relationship

The weekend was a total wreck.  

Nothing went right.  You had all of these plans, and all you did was fight or be disappointed that they didn’t want to spend the time with you the way you wanted.

What happened? (more…)

Why You Need to get OFF the Bandwagon

Why You Need to get OFF the Bandwagon

Advertising and Culture try to take us places.  They tell us everyone is going there.  They are right.  Everyone is going there, but why are you?  There is ONE reason why you need to get OFF the bandwagon.

why you need to get off the bandwagon

Everybody wants you to get on.  “Choose my politician”  “Choose my car” “Choose my lifestyle” Be like me.  Look like me. Believe like me.  If you spend any amount of time listening to the messages being thrown at you, you are bombarded with bandwagoners.  Some estimates say as many as 5000 messages a day.

There is one very simple reason to stop.  Here it is: (more…)

Why Beautiful Relationships Come From Positive People

Why Beautiful Relationships Come From Positive People

We all have that person we dread to see coming.  We know what will happen as soon as they get there.  Negativity.  Everything that comes out of their mouth is a downer.  Most people I know try to avoid these people if they can like going a different path through the office to avoid their area.

Why Beautiful Relationships Come From Positive People

 Nobody wants to be around negative people all the time, but what would our spouse say about us? Many people who avoid the “negative” person at work ARE the negative person to their partner and don’t realize how much damage they are doing to their relationship.  So, I want to tell you why beautiful relationships come from positive people.  (more…)

3 Authentic Reasons You Should Brave Church

3 Authentic Reasons You Should Brave Church

This weekend is Easter, and more people will attend church than any other weekend. I know some of you are  reading this a bit anxiously.  White knuckled and bracing for a ‘preachy’ tone.  It’s not here.  I am trying to persuade you to try church, but no scare tactics or guilt involved.  I know of lot of you go to church already, but many do not.  There are a lot of good reasons not to go to church and this post is not trying to make you feel guilty or preachy, but in case you were wondering about what really happens in most Christian churches this weekend, I wanted to give you 3 authentic reasons you should brave church.

Authentic Reasons you should Brave Church
I did not attend church as a kid.   My family was too busy in education and intellectual pursuits.  We were not anti-church, we just didn’t see the need to go.  Interestingly, almost all of my family attends regularly now.  I would attribute that to we all discovered in our own unique timing, that it is important for our families. That is why I want to share with you: (more…)

Ways to be Encouraged.

The Sun does come up, even when you or your relationship is struggling!

Sometimes life is hard.  No matter what you do, everything seems to fail.  It’s very easy to get exasperated, but you need a professional encourager.  Have hope! I am here to help! I want to give you some ways to be encouraged.

Ways to be encouraged
I had a rough one last week, but I was given a surprise.  I took this picture with my wife Mary taking her to work because our car was acting up. 
Psalm 19 says “The Heavens declare the Glory of God.”
Wow!  What a beautiful sunrise!  It was as if God said, “here you go.”  My wife and I both needed that smile.
We were talking about all of our issues and problems, which I won’t list here (cue violin music), but this made them go away for a while!  It made what we were dealing with so trivial and small.

Welcome to my NEW platform! Making Better Relationships, At Home, At Work, In LIFE!

Making Better Relationships, At Home, At Work, In LIFE!


Making Better Relationships

Hi, and welcome to my new platform on Making Better Relationships.  It is designed with YOU in mind!  I hope this becomes your MUST STOP website for the latest in helping you in making better relationships, at home, at work, and in life!  I have posted many of my old blogs, some new quotes, a couple of new radio shows, a question or 2, and other great content.  Please check for a New Podcast, Blog, and Tips every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Communication Planning

plantogether54643366.jpgSan Juan College Communications Instructor Dr, Mike Hattabaugh discuses why communication planning is so important, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up, but he reminds us planning for what we want to get across in our communication can be important in both personal and business communication.