You Can Communicate with ANYONE!

It's up to YOU to adapt to connect with others.

Communicate with ANYONE!  REALLY!

This video shows how finding the right way to communicate with someone is more important that what we have to say.  We can communicate with anyone. Most of us get mad when we can’t connect with someone, BUT if you listen, you can adapt to their communication needs and find a path to understanding.

Those Who Adjust, Inspire

Over the last two years I've traveled the world and met nearly a thousand humans diagnosed with different conditions.This experience has taught me one universal rule that will allow you to form a meaningful bond with anyone.

Posted by Special Books by Special Kids on Monday, December 12, 2016
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Try not to smile when you watch this!! AND let me know in the comments below what you learned from it!  I know I learned I can be even more sensitive to paying attention to what others are showing me and how I can meet them where they are.
– Mike

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