(VIDEO)Remarkable Relationships, REALLY a Fantastic Formula!

Never knew MEN were more hormonal than women!

(VIDEO)Remarkable Relationships, REALLY a Fantastic Formula!

So, I’ve been taught all my life that women are more complex creatures hormonally than men.  It turns out that not only is it NOT true, it’s not even CLOSE to being true! Conan O’Brien has Sex Mathematician Clio Cresswell on his show to reveal the mathematical formula for male and female hormones.  You will be SURPRISED at who has the most complex formulas!   Watch the video below to see why I say that Remarkable relationships, REALLY a Fantastic Formula!  It is PG-13 FYI. (IF you subscribe, please click the weblink to view at mikehattabaugh.com)

Remarkable Relationships, REALLY a Fantastic Formula!

So, did that surprise you as much as it did me?  It turns out the hormonal fluctuations of men are happening more rapidly than women.  It might explain a lot of things, but one thing is sure, we don’t really understand the impact of hormonal waves that happen to men daily.  Maybe we should spend more time trying to figure out each other and realize that our emotional and physical well-being are changing all of the time.  It’s also why we should not take a momentary emotional reaction as the “end” of the discussion and instead try to communicate at another time when the hormones are at a different place. Remarkable Relationships, REALLY a Fantastic Formula!

What do YOU think about the complicated formula for men?  What about women?  How do you see these affecting your relationships and do they explain anything you already knew?  I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments below!

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