3 Powerful Secrets of Amazing Business Communication

Why internal communication is key!

Do a quick search for “communication” jobs at any of the online job sites and you will see lots of public relations and marketing jobs.  What you won’t see is what would make the biggest difference,  communication directors.  Most businesses focus on the “shiny” object of PR, yet have horrible internal communication and relationships.  What would your team look like if you had a communication director on your team? I want to tell you 3 powerful secrets of amazing business communication.

Powerful Secrets of Amazing Business Communication

I’ve talked with hundreds of employees over the years that tell a similar story.  They heard about a major company announcement through the media.  This does major damage inside of your business and erodes the trust of your employees.  When outsiders are telling your people about the “news” and they say they didn’t know – you have a problem!

Your lowest level employees should all know EVERYTHING about the major decisions your company/institution is making.  This doesn’t mean you let them decide, but I would bet that nearly 80% of major decisions are announced too late in most organizations. (more…)