5 amazing sex tips for married couples will make you blush

5 amazing sex tips for married couples will make you blush

Marriage creates a different atmosphere for intimacy that much of our culture ignores.  I’m here to help!  Looking to rekindle the fire this week?  Here are 5 amazing sex tips for married couples that will make you blush.

sex tips for married couples

Tip #1 – Whisper something erotic into their ear.

Great sex starts with flirting.

When was the last time you walked up to your spouse and whispered how beautiful they were in their ear?  Or maybe something even more provocative?  Every man and woman I know would love their partner to come up at a social event and whisper something erotic into their ear.  It will drive them crazy!sex tips for married couples

Tip #2 – Treat Sex as play.

Plan on being “playful” all day.

It doesn’t matter if you been together 2 months of 50 years, couples need to be “playful”.  When you play together as a couple, you are building and rebuilding emotional and chemical bonds with each other.  Research has discovered that playful couples have the most sex.

I know that children and work can keep the time to interact down, but be creative!  Set your alarm 5 minutes early to begin your time together with a fun attitude.  Send a funny picture to them on your phone.  Pick out his clothes and tell him how good he looks in that outfit.  Watch her put on her make-up.  Playing is about doing little things with each other you don’t normally do.

sex tips for married couplesTip #3 – Talk FIRST, make love SECOND.

If you can’t talk about it, you are not going to have good sex.

When was the last time you told your spouse what turned you on?  How about how and when you liked to be touched?  What is the biggest turn off to you?  According to one study, if you don’t talk about sex, you are not any good at having it.  We have got to get past this idea that sex is “mystical” and should “just happen” if you are in love.  Great sex comes from a couple who have known each other a long time and know how to please each other.

You don’t have to talk every time, but make it something you talk about at least every week.  If you are too embarrassed to talk, then write questions down.  Keep a special place in your bedroom where you can ask your partner anything and request anything.  the ground rules should simply show respect for the question and the answer.  No question should be “shamed”, and no answer should be not good enough.  Find ways to connect!

sex tips for married couples

Another of the sex tips for married couples is:

Tip #4 – S-L-O-W D-O-W-N

Great Sex is a journey, not a destination

Take time to savor each other.  Enjoy the process and understand exactly what is going on.  Take time to put on some music and light some candles.  Take a shower if you need to.  I always took our babysitter home after a date so my wife could get ready and not feel rushed.  It is real easy to let sex become a destination and not a journey.  Realize you are building intimacy with each other as much as having sex.  Take your time!

sex tips for married couplesTip #5 – Try something new

It doesn’t have to be gymnastics, but newness in sex lets us create a new connection with our spouse.  It can be a new position or style, or it can be different music or location.  The point in trying something new is not just to be “new”, but to discover new things together.

We tend to get into patterns in everything in life, including sex.  Changing the way we do sex allows us to see other areas of our lives that have become a pattern.

Every day couples file for divorces that didn’t have to be if they had engaged sex and intimacy in a different approach.  Many couples think that the hard work was done before they here married and now marriage should require little work. The opposite is true!

Sex can be the best part of your marriage together, but it takes work.  Deep, intimate sex with a married partner can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life.  You have to take some risks and learn to trust your partner to make it happen, but you will know when all the work pays off.  I hope you have a lot of fun trying these 5 sex tips for married couples with your making relationships great!spouse and would LOVE to hear how it went!

So get out there and-

Make YOUR Relationships GREAT!

Dr. Mike

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