Short Sweet and LOADS of FUN!

Short Sweet and LOADS of FUN!

I feel horrible.  I have a virus or the flu.  I don’t want to write, work, or think.  I want to go to bed.  But here I am cranking out at least a short blog post to keep my promise to you, my readers to publish every Tuesday and Friday.  I have lots of good blogs in the hopper, but they seem unreachable and uninspired at the moment, so I thought I would write something Short Sweet and LOADS of FUN!


That seems a bit funny coming from a sick person, but at times, we are all sick, including our relationships.  There are times when you need to back off the pressure of becoming the best couple you can be and just have some fun.  No deep conversations, no “what are we going to do about’s”, just fun.  Go play putt-putt.  Go rent a go-cart.  Go to a silly movie. Go get ice cream.  Just go.  Have fun.  Remember why you are together and enjoy each other’s making relationships great!company.

And when you go find something in your partner you haven’t seen in a while.  Watch them lick their ice cream cone. See the intensity of their face when they hit that ball or drive that go-cart.  Find something you haven’t seen in a while or maybe ever, and I think you will find a reason to fall in love again.

And say a prayer for my wife, because she will be dealing with a cranky and sick husband who WANTS to be out there with you!

Ready! Set! GO!

So get out there and-

Make YOUR Relationships GREAT!

Dr. Mike

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