3 Fun Tips to Add Excitement to Your Relationship

3 Fun Tips to Add Excitement to Your Relationship

Relationships grow stale as we seek to become more secure and stable.  The excitement we had when we began becomes secondary to the daily routine relationships fall into.  I am specifically talking to long term married couples in this post, but any relationship that is losing the “fun” part can benefit from these 3 fun tips to add excitement to your relationship.

Fun Tips to Add Excitement to Your Relationship

The longer you have been together, the more likely you are thinking your relationship is going stale.  The number one reason I have heard in counseling over the years for stress in long-term relationships is the couple loses track of how to have fun like they did when they started dating.  The most common reason for an affair is one partner trying to create the excitement a new relationship creates.  Don’t have an affair, instead, try these 3 tips.

Tip #1 – Flirt like a teenager.

Remember those notes you gave your friend to give the girl/guy you liked?  Why nFun Tips to Add Excitement to Your Relationshipot try it with your partner!  Put a note in her lunch box.  Send a flirty text.  Whisper in his ear how cute he looks.  It may seem immature, but your relationship needs the interaction flirting gives you. This fun tip to add excitement to your relationship is the key to finding the fire you once had.

Flirting restarts your relationship in ways that make it fresh.  When
you flirt, you are giving attention to your partner and re-engaging the interaction that put you together in the first place.  Flirting creates a bubble that only the two of you live in.  Flirting is an inside joke that only the two of you know about!

Action: start by telling them you miss them.  Then, the sky is the limit!

Tip #2 – Plan a date.

I am amazed at how many couples tell others they haven’t been away from their children for years.  Even for a Friday night date!  The fastest growing divorce rate is from empty nest couples.  If you spend all of your focus on your children, you run the risk of losing your mate.

Even if you can’t afford a babysitter or restaurant, there are “free” ways of getting some time together.  My wife and I used a babysitting co-op to exchange babysitting time with other young couples.  The next excuse I hear is there is nobody we trust with our kids.  You can find someone that can take care of your children.   Your kids need mom and dad to be in a healthy relationship.  Not trusting anyone to watch them for a couple of hours is a sign of codependency, not good parenting.

Action: Plan a date tonight for this weekend – make it happen!

I wrote  here on how to plan the right way.

Tip #3 – Make it a habit.

It’s 1302279a slow fall to a long term failed relationship.  Trust me, it is easier and has MUCH more benefits to fix the one you are in!  It does take work and can feel frustrating if your first attempts at flirting or dating are rebuffed.  Please take a moment to communicate how serious the anxiety is about the staleness of your relationship with your partner.  For most couples, this happens slowly over  a log time of neglecting your relationship.  If you start flirting and dating again, you can regain the sparkle you once had, but you need to commit to it.

If you start flirting and dating again, you can regain the sparkle you once had, but you need to commit to doing it for the rest of your life.  I plan on dating my wife in the nursing home, walking her down to the cafeteria and winking at her imaking relationships great!n the line.

If you can rediscover the things that made you find each other, you can add the spark that has been missing. These fun tips to add excitement to your relationship can really make a difference!   I would love to hear from you 6 months from now that your relationship has rekindled to a place you thought you would never be again!  It’s great fun to hear your teenagers tell you to “get-a-room!”

Action: Commit to flirting with your partner everyday for a week.

So get out there and-

Make YOUR Relationships GREAT!

Dr. Mike

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