Why Beautiful Relationships Come From Positive People

Why Beautiful Relationships Come From Positive People

We all have that person we dread to see coming.  We know what will happen as soon as they get there.  Negativity.  Everything that comes out of their mouth is a downer.  Most people I know try to avoid these people if they can like going a different path through the office to avoid their area.

Why Beautiful Relationships Come From Positive People

 Nobody wants to be around negative people all the time, but what would our spouse say about us? Many people who avoid the “negative” person at work ARE the negative person to their partner and don’t realize how much damage they are doing to their relationship.  So, I want to tell you why beautiful relationships come from positive people. 

Most of us don’t realize how negative we’ve become in our relationships.  We trust our partner so we tell them what’s in our heart.  That is not a bad thing, but when it becomes the MAIN thing, we run the risk of developing a relationship that is full of avoidance.  If you’ve ever found yourself avoiding your partner because you need a positive attitude, this blog is for both of you!

Everyone I know wants a “beautiful” relationship.  We dream of a partner that will listen to us and understand us.  We want someone who will build us up and cherish our relationship.  Yet, after the “honeymoon” phase is over, we settle into our true selves, expecting our partner to take us as we are.  This leads to the negative and whiney discussions.  Some of you might be thinking that you don’t complain about your partner, you just complain about other people from work, family, or life.  This is death by 1000 cuts.  While your partner may continue to listen, our ears cannot take the constant negative cycle.  We all need relief!

So, what can you do to stop the whining?  Here are 3 quick tips:

1. Go at least 1 day this week without any negative coming out of your mouth.  Any.

Give your partner permission to catch you.  Trust me, they will like this game!  If they catch you, start over.  Some of you will be shocked at how long it will take you to go a whole day. I wrote about Ways to Be Encouraged Here.

2. Write your negative thoughts down instead of saying them.

Spoken words feel like they don’t mean much.  When you write down the negative, you will see how ugly those words can be.  Once you see the ugliness, you should realize why you need to get rid of them. I wrote about how to Make Love Not War here.

3. Ask for forgiveness and promise to be more positive. (but only if you mean it.)

We are a forgiving culture.  We want to build strong and beautiful relationships.  Your partner will probably be very ready to forgive and help you develop a more positive mindset.  My guess is you will look back 6 months from now and see how positive your relationship has changed by making this adjustment.  It’s hard work, but making relationships great!will be SO worth it! I wrote about forgiveness here.

So, that’s why beautiful relationships come from positive people and 3 tips to make your one of them!  I hope you find the beauty and success your relationship deserves!

and remember –

Make YOUR Relationships GREAT!

Dr. Mike

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