Ways to be Encouraged.

The Sun does come up, even when you or your relationship is struggling!

Sometimes life is hard.  No matter what you do, everything seems to fail.  It’s very easy to get exasperated, but you need a professional encourager.  Have hope! I am here to help! I want to give you some ways to be encouraged.

Ways to be encouraged
I had a rough one last week, but I was given a surprise.  I took this picture with my wife Mary taking her to work because our car was acting up. 
Psalm 19 says “The Heavens declare the Glory of God.”
Wow!  What a beautiful sunrise!  It was as if God said, “here you go.”  My wife and I both needed that smile.
We were talking about all of our issues and problems, which I won’t list here (cue violin music), but this made them go away for a while!  It made what we were dealing with so trivial and small.
 Which leads me to the point of this post – You can’t let life’s struggles get in the way of the most important things in your life.  So, I want to encourage you with some ways to be encouraged!

Have hope! 3 ways to be encouraged:

Way #1 to be encouraged: Focus on the positive things in your life.

This may seem like an obvious solution, but we have been taught to be critical thinkers.  Analyzing and examining problems and evidence are a very important part of life, but they can overwhelm us with information and problems.  We have hard-wired our brains to tackle the issues we face in day to day life.  Our critical thinking skills often turn us into negative, critical people who only see life’s challenges.  Take a break from that kind of thinking for a while!

When we refocus our thoughts on what is going well, we create endorphins that make us feel better.  When we realize the blessings we have, we can grasp that many of our problems are not that significant.  All of us have complained about things that we know are not a big deal compared to a major illness, war, or tragic disaster.   When we refocus on the good, we will be encouraged and lifted up.

Way #2 to be encouraged: Hang out with positive people.

I once realized that the reason I was grumpy all the time was because I was hanging out with a bunch of negative people.  Who we spend our time with determines a lot about our general attitude.

One of the great realities of life is you get to CHOOSE who you hang out with!  If it seems most of the people you engage with online or in your social life or negative, then maybe it’s time for a “friend” makeover.  Now I’m  not telling you to dump your partner or your lifetime best friend, but most of us have people in our life that just suck energy from us.  It’s ok if you don’t respond to every one of their negative rants.  You don’t need worry about every political meme or critical post.

You need to balance your life with positive people!  If you have a hard time finding them, then you need to ask yourself why?  Negative people tend to be around negative habits.  Guess where you find happy people?  The gym, church, outside (anywhere!) and planned activities are a few places you find happy people.  Not everyone in those places is happy, but you will always find some there.  Go where they are.  They will be happy to include you!

Way #3 to be encouraged: Do something for someone else.

You want a “for sure” pick me up?  Go help somebody with something.  Volunteer at a Senior Citizen center.  Be a youth mentor.  Coach a soccer team.   You don’t have to be good, just available!  I went to the #1 attraction in my city, the

I went to the #1 attraction in my city, the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum and was impressed with how many pleasant and happy volunteers they have.  Some of their volunteers have over 15000 volunteer hours!  Everywhere you went in the museum, someone was encouraging you to visit a specific area or engage a hands-on experience.  Someone at this museum understood the power of encouraging people and put it into practice.  It has created a win-win by giving people a place they feel valued to volunteer and makes them the best public relations advertisement the museum can buy.

When you do something for others, you create a space inside of you for someone else.  This gives you a reason to go on and feel happy.

So if you need encouragement, try these 3 ways to be encouraged.  I hope this post has also been encouraging and would love to hear from you how you will use one of these ways to put a smile back on your face and be encouraged to tackle the world!

and remember –

Make YOUR Relationships GREAT!

Dr. Mike

How are you going to use something from this post to be encouraged?  I’d love to hear from you!

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